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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

John Barry

I read on Wikipedia that he composed the first movie soundtrack with synthesizers for Her Majesty's Secret Service. Isn't that the one where Bond has a jet pack?

Barry, John Barry

So it falls to me to do the OBVIOUS John Barry pic. As wonderful and iconic as his James Bond soundtracks were, my favourite Barry score is the one he did for the Ipcress File. There just isn't a better soundtrack for any film EVER. I play it on my iPod while walking home from the studio at night.
My buddy David Cairns has done a more comprehensive tribute to the great man over at his superb ShadowPlay Blog.

John Barry, Meltdown Concert 2007

I already did a JB post at my own blog, so here, at Tim's suggestion, are a few impressionistic sketches I did of the great man in June 2007.

Here's what I said at the time: "These are drawings I did of John Barry sitting in the Royal Box opposite me at the Royal Festival Hall. I hesitate to call it a portrait, as it was done peering through the gloom of a huge, darkened auditorium, but I hope I captured something of him. I wish I could remember what the orchestra was playing at this point; I should've noted it down but I was kind of caught up in it all. It was intense - drawing John Barry while the orchestra played John Barry, y'know?"

John Barry

So before you all flay me for posting "The Black Hole"
on John Barry day, let me explain.

As a young boy I went to see the Black Hole hoping to
see some sort of fantastic Sci-fi cinema. Or as least some
good sci-fi as I LIKED sci-fi movies and good ones were
far and few between.

The Black Hole wasn't even a mediocre sci-fi movie.

But the one thing I did notice and enjoy as I sat somewhat bored
was...the mucic! Who is credited with the mucic for the Black Hole?
Mr. John Barry!

Thus, the only thing (besides that kind of cool evil robot
design) I enjoyed about the Black Hole was the music.
And this wasn't his best outing musically I must admit.

Anyway, the rest of you will do a bunch of James Bond sketches!