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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sexy Cartoonist

Today's topic was inspired by this sort-of non news story on Robot 6 yesterday. A few cartoonists noted that they found a piece by cartooning superstar Frank Quitely to adertise a CBLDF event to be off-putting due to its sexualized content. This is the piece in question:

People are entitled to whatever viewpoint they have, but personally I didn't see what the (very minor) hubbub was about; I've certainly seen many cartoonists who walk around cons in similar dress, and a trip on any given Wednesday to any given comic shop would probably yield at least a dozen covers with a more sexist illustration than Mr Quitely's. Still, as pointed out in the article, maybe some of the (again, very minor) fuss was due to Mr Quitely's lack of reputation for producing sexy images, or maybe because the sexy figure in the drawing is presumably a cartoonist herself. I decided to test that latter hypothesis by seeing if the image still held its same controversial power if the sexy cartoonist in question was in fact a fella.
So what do you think?

Thursday, 14 October 2010


So the setup today is that CBLDF is having a charity auction. They want drawings on the theme of "Monsters". To that end we the stout folks here at DrawBridge SketchBlog have decided to oblige them. Though with the added wrinkle that it has to come from Becky Cloonan's frankly disgusting coffee mug that she left here over a week ago and is now growing a fairly spectacular bacterial sludge-culture.