Monday, 23 May 2011

Paul Hoppe - Sexy Cartoons

Friend of the studio and Illustrator/Comics Artist of note Mr Paul Hoppe has contributed the following drawings on our topic today.
 "Couldn't pass today's topic off! One is just a piece for fun (the greenish one with marker and pens), the other is a character from my comic project, form my Journey Into Misery comics. It's the Invincible Woman, who can, amongst other things, burst into flames. In my world, however, there are no instable molecules, for those who know what that means… First time I ever did a color study of her!"


  1. Like the green girl with the hair and tats!
    I always dreamed of a world without the scourge of unstable molecules!

  2. Both of these are very nice. Way to go, Mr Hoppe!

  3. Thank you guys! You're the best!