Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy Birthday Kat!

It's Kat's Birthday!
Kat's fever dream comic involving snakes and water:
seems to have stuck in my head ever since I first read it.

So I did a little tribute to it while
adding my own fever dream images. That's
not supposed to be Kat if Kat is wondering.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Here's how I interpret thispicture: despite Tim's protests to the contrary, the blond lady is Kat, the snakes are... snakes, the clouds are lord-I-hope-those-are-clouds, and the big floating pink naked guy (except for one shoe) is Tim. And we're all scared. Am I right?

  2. That may not be Kat, but that's definitely me behind the clouds. Tim is more ripped.

  3. It's a lovely picture. Happy Happy Birthday Kat!

  4. Thanks you Natalie.
    So nice to have a some hint of class and
    adult behavior around here.

    Ha-Ha, George!
    Natalie likes me better than You!!!

  5. you were all just lurking, waiting for me to write something...

  6. Tim! I love it so much!
    Thank you:)

  7. Yea but I also think George's comments are really funny. "...lord-I-hope-those-are-clouds..." hehe!

  8. Haha! I just got the cloud jokes!